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Dear LGBTQ, From A Christian Who Doesn't Hate You


Hi, i'm Vessel and this is my blog. It's dedicated to reflecting the heart of Jesus Christ. I’m a Christian and I don’t hate you or fear you etc. In fact, I love you just like I’d love any human being and I don’t believe anyone should hate you or hurt you because of your lifestyle etc. I don’t think that’s what God is about and I don’t think believers in Christ should be about that either.

This is what I believe. I believe homosexuality etc. is a sin just like I believe lying and stealing etc. are sins. I believe the reward for all sins is death, but that’s just the reality of sin, not a personal attack on you. I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of the one true God and that God, in His love for us, saw us in our sin and sent His son to earth to die in our place, to take the sentence of death for our sins so that we would never have to. I believe that by doing this, we have been offered the gift of salvation, and that if we believe in Him and receive this gift, we can be saved from the consequences of sin and separation from God. I believe by doing so we are also reconciled to the Father and adopted into the family of God.

I wrote this letter to you in hopes that you might understand Christians and Christ a bit better. I know many of you have encountered some very real hate from people like me and I know many of you have comes to see us and God in that light. I also know that hate is not of God. I know that God is a God of love and deliverance and redemption, all of which are available to you and any other sinner not following Jesus Christ. I’ve heard many of you say that you cannot believe someone can love you and not support the way you live or who you believe you are. I want to be clear in saying that I believe only God can define you as your loving creator and even though you may feel or believe you are LGBTQ I know that this is against God’s plan for you and humanity generally.

You may find this a hateful statement, but that’s not the heart this comes from, we may not agree but we don’t have to hate each other. My hope for you is my hope for everyone, including myself, that we would all experience the love of God and come to know Him deeply. I would encourage you to surrender your life to Christ and begin (even if not for the first time) to know and experience the Lord. I know that church and Christians may have even helped push you away from Him, but I pray you would realize that God is still who He says He is, despite how His kids can be sometimes. Even if you don’t think you can make that step right now (even though I’d encourage you to) I want to invite you to “check Him out” anyway, come and see what God is about. You can read and search the Bible, come here to this blog or you can look into other biblical Christian blogs or organizations if you want to see what God is really about.

I truly believe you’re all on God’s heart and He want to meet you all right where you are.

Your’s sincerely,


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