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Grace Is Offensive

Ok, put the pitchforks down and hear me out. I promise I’m not speaking heresy here.

Grace Is Offensive.

Is there a scripture that says so explicitly? Not that I can think of. But this concept is one I think we can find in the scriptures that talk about grace….kinda, not quite in so many words. Why? Because this little series is a story from the place of experience, even wrestling with God if you will. As i’m sitting here typing these words I can’t believe I’m doing it because this little concept is coming from a journey spanning at least 1-2 years of my life and even others. But here I am, trying to be obedient.

Yes, the whole idea of grace being offensive, at least as I have encountered it to talk about with you, is the slogan I’ve attached to a very real struggle and process I have been through (and honestly still going through with the Lord). The phrase “Grace Is Offensive” refers to the fact that grace grates against human nature. Grace is other to it, it chafes against our pride, our ego, our perfectionism, our self-righteousness etc. It is the admission to what many of us won’t say out loud; there is a part of us that does not want grace. There is a part of us that struggles at times to receive it for ourselves and actively extend it to others. Many of us don’t even actually understand the fullness of the doctrine of grace, what it is, how it works and how to use it etc. I don’t think those particular questions will be answered here necessarily, but we will be exploring what I have found to be a very real and often unspoken aspect of grace in our everyday Christian lives.

This journey with God caused me to realize some hard things about my own heart and conduct, some beautiful things about God and the reality of grace and gave me a new prayer altogether. I hope this journey will bless you as I try to recount the things I learned from it over the next few weeks. After this we’ll go back to exploring salvation in the Salvation 101 series. May God be in it with us and receive glory!

- Vessel

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