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Hello Lover

I’m waiting for you, and it’s difficult

It’s hard to see everyone else find their own forever love.

To see them so happy, ecstatic

With their amazing boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands

I swear if I see ONE MORE engagement video

I might just throw in the towel and be DONE with the whole thing.

I mean, it’s beautiful and I’m so happy for them

But it’s so heartbreaking watching it happen for everyone else

BUT you.

What’s worse is to come across so many counterfeits.

So many “almosts” and “not quites”, so close but just not the real thing

I look again at all the found ones around me and I say

“That’s what it looks like and I want it, and for purpose, I have to have it.”

I maybe shed a tear, as the frustration boils and cold loneliness nips at my resolve

I feel so close to giving up on the idea that you even EXIST

But that’s when God shows up.

Someway, somehow, He comforts me

He restores my “God’s eye view”, then it seems clear again

I can do it again and wait some more for you Lover.

In the meantime, i’ll pray that i’ll be ready for you and you for me in His time, not mine

That he would make us both everything we need to be for his purposes and for each other.

So dear Lover,

The wait seems awfully long, and it may yet be an even longer time before we come together

So, until then…...

I wait for you, even when it’s difficult.

So…...let’s discuss…...shall we?

Scriptures referenced:

Proverbs 18: 22

Links:– Lover playlist (A Romans 8 Production YouTube channel)

Hey Product fam, Vessel here and today we’re talking about the “dreaded” wait. This piece was inspired by “I Will Wait” a spoken word piece done by Janette…Ikz please check the playlist out as well as the other blog and encouraging music by clicking on the link above.

So, I must say despite this month's posts it is very unlikely that romantic relationships themselves will feature heavily on this blog, we MIGHT look at it if the Lord so leads his Vessel but don’t expect much, there are already great people exploring this at length such as those at Redefined TV (on YouTube, twitter, IG) so I recommend going there for that. This piece does present an opportunity to discuss the biblical principle of waiting. It comes up a lot regarding romantic relationships and no doubt many of you single Christians have been told to wait patiently on the Lord for your husbands/wives. Though some of us may be tired of hearing it, waiting is a key godly principle that we need to put into practice in all areas of our lives; especially when the Lord has promised us something.

Over at Creative Tribe (linked above) the team did the “El Roi” devotional for the month of December 2020 which I found to be a real blessing, you can do the devotional and see all the full pieces, reflections, and articles, some of which I did. Today though, I want to refer to three specific posts that discuss waiting which I want to get into and even add to today. First is the Day 7 post by Victor Brown entitled “The Weight of the Wait; Heavy Hiatus” which focused on Genesis 12:1-4. Here, we see the Lord telling Abram to leave his home and venture into a land where he would establish him and cause him and all his descendants to prosper. You’ve probably heard the story before, but Victor points out that God asked Abram to leave the familiarity of his family and everything he knew in his land to a place he’d never been. Many of the other promises God made to him took years to come to fruition with Abram dying before actually seeing one of them completed though it did still happen. He notes that Abram had to live his whole life carefully in a “promise-protecting” manner to ensure that he would not derail God’s promises by his actions.

This was no easy feat and Victor later points out that we need to adopt the same attitude, even when the weight of the wait sets in, when the promise may yet still be a far way off, we must be found faithful stewards of God’s promises, eagerly waiting their fulfillment. Just as he encouraged us to wait well, I must do the same. The wait may prove long and arduous, but it is essential that we stay the course!! Deviations can seriously delay or even derail the plans of the Lord and we don’t want that; we cannot be found late or taking too long to catch up to what the Lord is doing. We want to be right there with him at every step to ensure the promises and the purposes for which those promises have been made to us are realized. This is crucial to not only our lives but the lives of everyone who will be impacted by the work of the Lord in us, for us, or through us. This requires a lot of intentionality, sacrifice, obedience, surrender and submission to the Lord. It costs us something which begs the question which Audia Spencer asks in the Day 11 post, “Are You Willing to Wait?”

To this I would add, what does waiting even look like? Audia looked at Acts 1:1-8 where we see the resurrected Jesus (whew RESURRECTED JESUS) getting ready to go back to our Father in heaven leaving the disciples behind with instructions to wait for the Holy Spirit and then, having received Him, being empowered, be witnesses of Christ throughout all the earth. Her challenge to us pretty much boils down to a charge to “Do” the waiting process. She characterizes this as braving whatever storms or process that the Lord may take us through to be empowered for greater ministry at the end of it. The disciples were charged to stay put and await the Lord’s promise and to act once it came.

I am reminded of David, the boy who was to become King, and so was Victor as he wrote the Day 19 reflection entitled “Waiting Well: Lessons from David” based on 1 Samuel 16:1-13 and 1 Samuel 23. David was anointed and the promise of the Lord was sure, but down to his very family was a bit bewildered, it was clear David wasn’t his Father’s choice by any means and i’m sure David was SHOOK. However, there were several years between that moment and the moment he actually sat on the throne of Israel (approximately 15), during which time there were things he had to consciously do to ensure his promise was fulfilled (active waiting). But at other times he had to passively sit back and allow God to make the path straight. For us, just like David, it is a matter of discerning what our wait will look like at every turn, we must seek direction and guidance from the Lord, which he certainly will not hesitate to give as He is mindful always of His promises to us and will ensure they are fulfilled in His time. Then, whatever he says, whatever the Lord asks us to do or not do for His promises to be fulfilled, it is imperative that we, His children, obey. Not ratify or try to work it all out with our human logic but obey that which the Lord has said so that we can walk in all His promises to us.

As stated before, this obedience, this enduring obedience may not be the most pleasant exercise. It will cost as Victor points out in the Day 4 reflection entitled “The Cost of the Call” based on Hebrews 10:32-39 but if we’ve discovered anything today it’s that it is absolutely worth it. We must be willing to wait and we must be willing to endure that wait all the while being obedient as the Lord leads us through that waiting time. Romans 8:18 says that nothing we suffer in a present moment can compare to the future glory to be revealed in us.

Until next time Product Fam, whatever it is, WAIT. WELL.

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Miguel Martin
Miguel Martin
Jul 24, 2022

Beautiful poetry Shannon, I love your work 😍. Are you still living in Portmore?

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