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Your every talent and ability is yours to use in the service of God’s grace.

Every aspect of your life should be given to the purpose of glorifying God and leading others to him.

So, what are you gonna do about it?

What are you gonna do about that thing in you that you’re holding back?

You know what I mean. You know what i’m talking about.

That thing you love doing, but the thought of doing it on any real level terrifies you.

That thing that makes you worry about whether you succeed or fail and what that could mean.

If you fail it would discourage you and kill your self-esteem.

But what idolatry it is that makes you feel like anything going right depends on you.

Who died and made you God?

If you succeed you could get caught up in pride.

But what pride is it to act as if the God that keeps you humble now won’t check you all the way.

Do you serve the god who will keep you from falling or not?

It’s not about you.

It’s about what you are called to do.

You’re scared of the big things and what they could mean so you rather deny calling and be disobedient.

Is that what you’re gonna do?

Are you gonna hide the things God has placed in you because it’s hard?

Because it’s uncomfortable? Because it scares you?

Would you deny God his servant, bought and paid for?

Every time you feed it; it grows. YES.

That happens a lot with callings.

You know you want to do this; your fears and worries are your only excuses.

Does perfect love not cast out all fear?

Do you not trust your Father in heaven enough to give him all of you?

He needs an answer.


So…...let’s discuss……. shall we?

Scripture references:

Jude 1:24

1 Peter 4:10

Links: – Obedience Playlist (A Romans 8 Production YouTube channel) - Obedience Audio (A Romans 8 Production YouTube channel)

Hi. Vessel here, Welcome to A Romans 8 Production. Subscribe to this blog and our YouTube channel to join the #ProductFam!!! The Obedience playlist has a few encouraging songs that go along with this post, check it out!!

Why did I start #AR8P with this piece? Simple, this is the place the process of developing the blog idea, creating it, kind of emerged from.

As in, for you to be reading this right now, God had to take this Vessel to this point. Truth is, I struggled greatly with making this kind of move. I’ve been writing for a longtime, throughout various stages of my life etc. but mostly in secret, writing had become my safe space, a healing and expressive space away from the world where it really was just me and God. So, understandably, I was really nervous about sharing it, I told the friend who gave me the idea that it was like posting the pages of my diary on the internet for everyone to see.

I also felt so uncertain about whether it was the right thing to do, whether my writings were even good enough to use for something like this. I struggled, with the idea of being so active and intentional about essentially creating or attaining a platform where I’d share my writing. I never wanted a platform (fearing pride could overtake me etc.) and for years I felt that God would just do his thing and make a space for me somewhere, the opportunity would just kind of drop into my lap and I would do exactly what God wanted, I never once thought of doing something like this, even though I had friends who were bloggers.

Clearly, me? Neva have no intention fi mek no real moves. So, for WEEKS I struggled, with various deceptions clearly from the enemy and even just with diligence and discipline, balancing the preparations with the other areas of my life. Then God brought me here. To this point. It felt like all the concerns I had were addressed, God drew lines in the stand, stood on one side and dared me to definitively decide where I would stand. I remember writing this piece crying, it really did tear me apart, but I felt like I understood and that I knew what I had to do. I couldn’t miss God with this, I couldn’t ignore him, I needed to take him at his word and say YES.

Now you’d think that after that powerful experience it was smooth sailing and I simply prepared to keep my promise to God and move with him on this…you’d be wrong. I started preparing feeling like I was on the right path and I was defeating the enemy’s wiles….and I was, for a while. Within a few months, I was back where I started, afraid, insecure, and struggling to come to grips with what I felt I was being called to, wondering if I had wrongly interpreted the things I counted as God’s confirmation because I now wanted to do the blog. Can you say...haaaaadddd ears pickney?? Thank God for mentors because I truly could have stayed in that space for much longer but having expressed my struggles to a mentor of mine, he got me ALL the way together.

God used him to bring me back here, to this piece, he showed me that God had already been quite clear and there was nothing left to doubt or be concerned about, I need to JUMP and leave the rest to the one who called me to this, GOD. I then was able to kind of take a “test drive” of this whole blog thing with that same mentor’s project, Creative Tribe (which you should check out, link below) that taught me a lot about how Jesus really wanted my own blog to work, changed a lot of my own attitudes too. I am eternally grateful to Jesus Christ, my “pursuing” saviour.

All that to say this. Hi, this is my OBEDIENCE. This is my YES.


Until next time, what will your YES to God look like? I encourage you to pray and seek the Lord on it, He doesn’t hesitate to direct us.

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Awww thank uuuu


"Who died & made you God?" Girl you didn't have to drape me like that 😭. Beautiful piece on Obedience! Praying that you will continue to write for His glory! You are clearly a gifted writer.


Ashley Mcleish
Ashley Mcleish
Jan 11, 2021

Love this

It’s really so inspiring

Go beb

Proud? Is an understatement

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