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Your Favourite Gospel Artiste's Favourite Background Vocalist

Hey #ProductFam welcome to the first installment of our #WahGwaan series where I highlight Christian movers and shakers in the Jamaican space. Suh come mek mi tell yuh wah gwaan!!!!

The title of today’s article probably sounds real clickbaity, but I assure you, Miss. Jhenelle Grant is the real deal, having worked with the likes of Jermaine Edwards, Rhoda Isabella, Alicia Taylor, Oshane Mais, and Victor Brown to name a few. Jhenelle and her twin Jhonelle (aka Thing1 and Thing 2) were born in the 90’s into what she dubs a musical family, which already comprised her older siblings Danielle and Joel Grant and their parents, Pastors Juliet Grant (The 1999 JCDC Gospel Song Competition1st runner Up ) and David grant. She claims she and her siblings were pretty good kids, not really getting into trouble, save for a rather memorable incident where cool aid + vaseline = some purple older siblings.

(Right) Jhenelle Grant at Oshane Mais's launch for his single "Forever"

(Above) The Grant clan, (from left) Pastor Juliet Grant, Pastor David Grant, Jhonelle Grant, Jhenelle Grant, Danielle Grant, Joel Grant (background) and his wife Mrs. Ashley Tulloch-Grant.

Jhenelle attributes her love of music to her family and fondly recounts her first performance at a school talent show at around age three (3) where her twin swiftly ran offstage leaving her to continue the show. When asked why gospel music she confidently replied, “I name the name of Jesus Christ, doing gospel music is innate, I couldn’t do something that was not a part of me.” This young woman’s faith is no joke! She began singing background vocals in her teens and the former Edna Manley student is adamant that God has faithfully carried her through from day one. – The Jhenelle Grant playlist on our Youtube channel. Check out some of the tracks she’s been on!!

“I got into background vocals just by being asked by friends like Rhoda Isabella to sing for them then being recommended to persons like Jermaine Edwards, that’s what the journey has been like. God has been incredibly faithful, taking me from strength to strength,” stated Jhenelle. Miss. Grant hasn’t only lent her silky vocals to big Jamaican gospel acts like those I’ve named before but has also launched out a bit into doing her own music as part of the group Anointed Individuals United (AIU) with songs such as Raging War and Life, as well as a fairly recent collaboration with the former Leighanne Dacres (now Mrs. Leighanne Small) called Resurrection.

(Above) Jhenelle in her element.

It doesn’t matter what record this budding starlet touches, the anointing on her life and in her gifting is EVIDENT and any conversation with her only further proves it. I’m a big fan personally so I couldn’t wait to pick her brain about what’s next for her. “I really want to do an EP; I have a lot of songs and EP ideas so hopefully I'll get to do that soon," she said.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it!! Though she admits she struggles a bit with the idea of performing on her own, she definitely has the makings of an excellent solo act and any day now we could be jamming and worshipping to some Jhenelle Grant originals. Lord let it be 2021!!!

I am praying that the Lord would make this songbird psalmist's way straight so that his people a yaad and abroad may be blessed and wrecked by what only He can pour into her. Let's all pray her up and stay tuned for what the Lord will lead her to do in His time.

(Above) Jhenelle at the launch of Kedisha Watkis' book, Dream Girl

Well, that's all, for now, enuh #ProductFam, much thanks to my good sis Jhenelle for speaking with me and letting us all in on her journey a bit. If you or anyone you know is a Christian making moves for Christ in the Jamaican space tell me all about it!! Feel free to shoot me an email at or fill out the contact form on the home page, make sure you include their social media handles and contact details as well as details about who they are and what they do. Cyah wait fi hear from unnuh, until next time, nuh fret, mi soon come back come tell yuh wah gwaan.

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Rhon-Paul Soltau
Rhon-Paul Soltau
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