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I get why people commit suicide

Because death is freedom for the soul

It is relief from this torturous world

But not suicide, not so. Suicide is robbery.

I have this 1 thing against suicide

A timely death is a reward to the faithful Servant.

Suicide is a cold embrace for a broken heart.

It is not peace to a soul who cannot find it here.

Death is not a tool of ours

To manipulate as we see fit

It is not the best choice in a hard situation

Death is not a "Hmm...might as well" decision

Death in God's hands, the right, hands,

Is the last act of a gracious God in the life of a created being on earth.

It is the recall of envoys sent out only for a time.

It is the first sign of God's greatest commendation

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

It is, a welcoming, into our Father's arms Forever.

But as per usual every good thing the Lord Gives

The devil tries to latch on to and Pervert.

So then we have suicide, the deception that

Death in our hands, on our time is better than

Death in daddy's hands and on his time.

The deception that life cannot continue in

The face of whatever obstacle blocking our

Already narrow human vision.

Believe me when I tell you suicide is NEVER The answer it seems to be.

It is the Devil's attempt to turn God's good Death into a tool to steal the very thing That Jesus came and died to keep.....


So…..Let’s discuss…shall we…

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I’ve been there, too many times to count. Where life seems too hard to deal with. Pain, hurt, insufficiency and depression with no end to it in sight. I’ve been there. Feeling the weight of all the things you can’t do, of all the hearts you’ve broken, the expectations you cannot meet. I. Have. Been. There. I feel you, I do. So, when I talk about this, just know I am talking to you about it from that place of knowing, understanding what it can be life, and the “easier choice” always laid before you.

I can’t imagine what you’ve been through, I can’t imagine what your reason or reasons would be. But I told someone something once that I now hold to as true, I told them, “If you are still breathing, then there is a chance.” If you are breathing, then Jesus Christ died to save you. He died to restore you, He died so you could know Him, so that you could have the opportunity to experience the fullness of His Father. So, hear me when I tell you, this is what you’re giving up when you think of ending it all.

If you’re already a Christian it may even seem more appealing. Who doesn’t just want to drift off this mortal coil and be with Jesus just a little bit earlier? You could easily be convinced that this sounds so much sweeter than facing the life you’re in right now. But the will of God is that you have life, life, and life more abundantly. It’s a device of the enemy to frame this life as a never ending and pointless journey of pain and suffering. Jesus says there is so much more for you. There is more for you. There is more for you in Him, He died to give it to you.

Does it mean that life will immediately become a walk in the park? Does God keep His beloveds on easy street every day? No. If the Pain Series we recently did says anything, it says that God will take us through the good, the bad and the ugly in His sovereign and majestic way. It says that He sees so much farther than we do and is capable of so much more than we can even imagine. It says that even the pain in God’s hands can make us beautiful. Even in this He creates a story more powerful than anything a mortal writer could ever come up with.

I pray for you if this hits a little too close to home, or if it feels a little too real. I rebuke that voice in the back of your mind. I rebuke that siren calling you to give up and end the work of art Jesus spent His blood on. I declare that the mouth of the enemy is shut in Jesus’ name. I rebuke the spirit of death and suicide on your life right now. I declare that the voice of the enemy will no longer invade your thoughts in your lowest moments. I declare that you will hear the voice of the Holy Spirit reminding you that God did not hesitate to give all for you. I pray you are reminded at every moment that the love of God for you really runs THAT deep.

The song writer says, “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.” If there is nothing else, I know, I know you can bet on that. Live and declare the name of the Lord. Breathe and praise the name of the one who saved you. When your time on earth is done, may you gladly accept your reward from your heavenly father.


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