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The Gifted Matriarch Part 2

Welcome back #ProductFam!! In part 1 we began acquainting ourselves with the journey of Prophet Shambraé Robb. When we paused, Prophet Robb had gone through a period of deliverance and a complete revamping and restoration of her identity. She had taken time away from ministry to learn about and prepare to walk in her true identity, so what comes next for this might woman of God? Come mek mi tell yuh wah gwaan!!!

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Prophet Shambraé Robb social media – (Instagram)

The Gifted Network

In early 2018 Prophet Robb started the Gifted Network and things were never the same for her, her team and the many people who would be impacted by this movement. It started as an idea, a small Facebook group where Prophet Robb taught on various topics. “The Gifted Network in its initial stages was a movement designed to bring young leaders, young believers or anything for that matter into that place that I was in the year prior, which was that God loved me for who I was and understanding their gifts, understanding their role and their purpose and getting room to grow in that and express that. My goal was never to replace local church, my goal was always to support the local church and supplement what was not grasped or what was needed but was not taught.” said Prophet Robb.

You’d never guess but GIFTED is actually an acronym which stands for “ Glory, Impartation, Fire, Teaching, Edification and Demonstration.” These are the pillars upon which The Gifted Network was built and with such a name and such a foundation, it’s not difficult to see why this community has exploded for God the way it has. “It really started out as a movement, like an online grouping. It was never supposed to be anything bigger than that.”

Above: The Gifted Network Logo

Having started it in college Prophet Robb’s humble expectations were blown right out of the water as God began to send people into the movement. God caused individuals to be drawn to it and not just as beneficiaries of the impartation and spirit filled activities of Gifted but also to become eager workers who diligently put their hands to the till in furtherance of the God-given vision of this organization.

Prophet Robb stated “Gifted is really, I believe a New Testament expression of what God originally intended for the Church to be. Not just because we operate in the five fold but because Gifted is not confined to a space or not confined to a particular set of expectations doctrinally, of course we have our fundamental doctrinal principles and foundations of the Christian faith but we’re not confined to a particular look. All in all GIFTED exists to revive one community, that’s a big thing for us, community, family for people, a space where people can be together and fellowship. We provide training and teaching because we believe it’s essential for the grounding of the believer and we also emphasize demonstration, the power of the Holy Ghost in everything that we do.”

The Gifted Network core team is certainly an amazing body of God-sents that play a huge part in executing the plans and purposes of God through Gifted. Ms. Jameka Anderson serves as the Chief Financial Officer (she had been in the very first Gifted meeting), Mr. Ocie Banks serves as Executive Administrator (the first member of the administrative team). Mahdi and Candace Sorrell came into the movement when Prophet Robb met Mr. Sorrell at a service led by Apostle Ryan Le Strange, she tells it like this; “Don’t know the man from anywhere, don’t know anything about him, never seen him before and this guy just comes up to me in the parking lot as I’m leaving the service and just starts prophesying and it was one of the most accurate prophesies I’ve ever gotten. He basically summarized the process I had been through for the year prior and coming into who I was as a Prophet. We became friends then and I was going through everything that I was then and he was just like “I’m your Prophet and you’re my apostle.” And that was that, he’s just always been there.”

Ben who Prophet Robb referred to as “A President of sorts” closed out the original American members of the GIFTED team. The Jamaican contingent of the core team became Mrs. Amoy Lawrence and her husband Chris amongst others. “All that happened in the space of a year, that’s how quickly God gathered the team. This is how the GIFTED team grows in terms of administration, it grows from authentic covenant relationships. It literally just happens naturally. God just sends us people who we are to be in covenant with and it grows naturally so the team, we do business together, but we are also family. We’re family.” noted Prophet Robb.

From National Prophetic Summit to Gifted Global Summit

The Gifted Network operates for the Kingdom of Christ in many ways such as The School of the Prophets sessions where Prophet Robb and the other Prophetic instructors on their team teach on the Prophetic, impart and activate. GIFTED does a lot of Prophetic moves and invests energy in prophesying to persons, teaching is also a core part of their mantle and Prophet Robb leads Bible study sessions every Tuesday which you can access via their YouTube page. I first found out about GIFTED via NPS where I had seen that one of my favourite artistes Rhoda Isabella was a featured minister but I really didn’t know what it was at the time but I definitely started paying attention.

When I asked Prophet Robb how NPS started she said, “When we started NPS it was really just God speaking to me and saying, “This is what I want to do in Jamaica, this is what I want to bring.” She further stated, “I was in my apartment as a young pre-med student and I was on the floor, I was praying and the Lord gave me the vision for a summit where we would emphasize the prophetic and demonstrate and everything. I think I had been conferenced out because especially here in the States everybody has a conference, everybody s having a gathering of some sort, I wanted whatever we did to be different. That same night I sent Bishop Everton Thomas a text message and was like, “Would you be open to this?” and he was like absolutely. We discussed it and we spoke and he was just like “Yea use the building” and it was free of charge.”

Above: Scenes from NPS 2019 featuring members of the GIFTED team and Jamaica's Rhoda Isabella

“When we started NPS we had no money, we had a zero dollar budget and after just getting the vision we also had a great venue, Emmanuel Portmore is very beautiful, very spacious and I was like WOAH.” And as Prophet Robb began to chase the vision of the Lord for NPS the Lord began to move, the Lord caused persons to supernaturally sow into Prophet Robb and the movement. No onlooker could have questioned if GIFTED was the move of the Lord because as the team planned God miraculously and awesomely solved every single problem and made a way for the conference to occur. Thus, the first staging of NPS was held pre-covid right here in Jamaica, Portmore to be specific and that set GIFTED on a whole new path and unlocking new levels. It didn’t take me long to realize this move was something different, the testimonies etc. that I heard coming out of this space had me marveling and what God was doing within the Network.

Prophet Robb recalled “On the last day, that was when Rhoda came and on that last day, the Saturday morning we looked at the account and our expenses, we had to pay Rhoda and her team and so many others and we just did not have the money. Then we had one person, ONE PERSON out of the blue came in and sowed $400,000 Jamaican dollars and everything was paid. So the entire process was just God.” Through just the execution of His will Prophet Robb and her team learned just how serious God is about His word and the importance of giving among so many other lessons miraculously taught to them and those who saw this unfold. The lives of so many people have been changed and impacted by the obedience of Prophet Robb and her team. The second staging in 2020 was equally if not more impactful.

Above: Scenes from NPS 2020, bet yuh neva guess seh the Prophet can play drum!!!

Now I can say that the number of those they have impacted also includes me as I was able to attend the covid iteration of NPS which became the Gifted Global Summit which was held both virtually and in person on August 13, 2021. The event featured not only Prophet Robb but also Prophet Celene Mickie who led worship and Apostle Ryan Lestrange who brought the word and prophesied. See, I told you there would be a benefit to the lateness of this project!! Talk truth and shame the devil? I hadn’t been in a great space with God and that week I was really crying out to Him and seeking Him out in relation to a lot of things. I had signed up for the Summit in June and had actually completely forgotten about it but coincidently it drop BRAPS right in one of the most important weeks of my life lately. I was blessed, encouraged and challenged through the staging of this event and it made covering Prophet Robb and hearing her story and the story of GIFTED so much more precious to me. I was truly glad I attended.

Above: Scenes from GGS, Apostle Ryan Lestrange, Prophet Celene Mickie and Prophet Robb in ministry

Even with all the things that GIFTED has become the team is very aware that God is far from finished with this movement. Prophet Robb stated “Even though GIFTED has been going on for about 3 years now we’re still a developing entity, we’re still learning and I think that’s the beauty of it. We don’t hide the fact that we’re still learning and still developing and we’re still establishing certain things about ourselves as a network and as a movement because we did not start gifted with the intention to be what it is now. We started gifted with the intention to just teach and to just help people. We’re grateful and we’re following God all the way and listening to His voice for direction and instruction.”

Prophet Robb and The Gifted Network has been an amazing move of God thus far and the Lord has been so good to them and has shown Himself good through them. At the end of the interview I asked Prophet Robb what she would tell other Christians who are trying to step out, go after God and minister on their own path just like God had caused her to do. She replied saying that those individuals should remain in love with God, remain humble and never steal the glory of God but always seek to give Him the glory He deserves. She also stated, “If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s will. God always finances what He wants done in the Earth so as far as finances and provision and resources are concerned, don’t use that as an excuse not to start. If God say it, do it! Do it in his timing, in the will and the way that He wants it to be done and everything else will fall into place.”

Wise words I think!

Be sure to follow Prophet Robb and The Gifted Network at the links above, you’re sure to be blessed.

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