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The Pain Series - Foreword - R8P Podcast Version

This time in our world is one of the most painful times in human history, at least one of the most painful times in the lives of many people worldwide. However, pain is not new, it is a condition as old as mankind itself. There are many different attitudes, many different thoughts on pain in its various forms and with its various causes.

But the thought the Lord laid on my heart for this series is one that he has echoed in my spirit at various times of my life. Simply, it is, the purpose of pain and more specifically, what God does with pain. I have come to realize that pain in God’s hands is beautiful. It is a tool which he wields masterfully to produce beauty in and around us.

This may sound strange, it may seem like an odd way of expressing an age old truth but it is true nonetheless. In this five (5) part series we will explore this very thought through the VERY real life painful experiences of everyday Jamaican Christians through the lens of their pain, scripture and the beauty God produced from it. Be blessed, be encouraged, be strengthened, and be restored.

*WARNING* This series will clearly deal directly with very painful topics inclusive of death, illness and abuse etc. If you are not able to interact with these topics it’s ok to bypass some or all of this series until you are able to receive the message being spoken of here.

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