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Desiring you above all else, seems like a hard thing to do

Because the good things of this world which you give

Seem so beautiful and we are so easily satisfied by them.

But you are so much more beautiful than they

Jesus, King of my heart, lover of my soul

The person of you is so much more beautiful than all the things

I could ever have, or hold ,here. In fact,

They gain their beauty only through reflecting you.

Marriage, children, success in career

These things upon which we place so much value and desire

Pale in comparison to you and yet we often love and desire them more.

We eagerly await the arrival of a spouse to have and to hold for life

But do not so await you, Christ our husband, the bride groom of creation, in such a manner

Our hearts fill with longing at the sight of beautiful children

Baby fever kicks in and we can’t wait to have our own

But we do not recognize that in such a manner you do await the day you can

Hold us all in your arms. We long for the days we’ll be qualified enough to kill it at work

And get accolades, corner office with the glass and a hearty “Excellent work” from the Boss.

While going about your work as if we’re doing you a favour;

As if serving you is not the ultimate occupation of our souls.

As if all you’ve done and charged us with

Does not warrant going about our Father’s business with all enthusiasm

Lord, help our trying and ungrateful hearts.

If we would only fall in love with you; if we’d come into a right realization of who you are

And embrace it, regardless of other’s words.

My God and King, if we’d only understand how you feel about us,

And the true weight of what was intended for us at creation

What was ruined by sin and restored by Christ…

Then I know our hearts would leap at the mention of your name

As a young bride’s does when she hears her husband near or

As a young daughter’s does at the sound of her father’s voice.

Then we would find you, then would we honour you with our lives without complaint.

Help our simple hearts to desire you above ALL this world has to offer.

Help us to find our joy and satisfaction only in you.

Let our enjoyment of the good things you give, be an enjoyment of your nature revealed in them

Lord Jesus, help us to desire you.

So….let’s discuss…..shall we?

Links: Desiring You video (A Romans 8 Production YouTube channel) – Desiring You Playlist (A Romans 8 Production YouTube channel)

Hey #ProductFam today I have to ask you, what do you desire? Where does Christ fall in that list? Is He even on it? “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matt. 6:21).

You see a lot of times we leave Jesus out: our priorities, our longings become skewed and we lose sight of our greatest treasure, Jesus. We often don’t realize that the most beautiful things we know, love and desire all point back to Christ!! What we see in them is HIS beauty being reflected in them and that knowledge to me changes everything. That realignment of our perspectives changes the way we think about God and who He is, His nature, His ways, EVERYTHING.

I truly believe this kind of “perspective realignment” is key and necessary for our growth and effectiveness, not only as individual believers, but also as the general Body of Christ aka the Church. I’m not sure if this is a radical perspective or not but I am sure it is a godly one and I pray that every one of us will truly come to see life and God through a similar lens.

‘Nough said.

Until next time #ProductFam be sure to check out the audio recording of this piece as well as the “Desiring You” playlist on our Youtube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to both this blog and the Youtube channel!!!!

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Desiring God above all else is still the prayer that keeps me on my knees. I asked myself a thousand times over, " If I never achieve success by the world's standards: house, car, marriage, fame, wealth & children...will Christ still be enough?" My answer remains a resounding YES. He is enough for me & will forever be.

Beautifully written piece, Shannon! Keep it going. ❤

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Ugh. Girl thank you soo much

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